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Briwax Furniture Reviver bottle Furniture Reviver

Furniture Reviver is a quick and easy solution for tired and dull furniture. Apply with a cloth in a circular motion, and watch the surface come back to life. Furniture Reviver removes haze, bloom, and water marks from French polished, oiled, varnished, or modern laquered surfaces.

Wipe off all the Furniture Reviver and re-polish occasionally with Briwax Original or Toluene-free wax to protect the surface.

If you have wooden kitchen cupboards (probably finished with a modern hard lacquer or varnish), this is the ideal restorer.

Furniture Cleaner

Briwax Furniture Cleaner is not a household cleaner, but a combination of powerful solvents that can remove existing grease, old waxes, linseed oils, dirt and grime from all sorts of surfaces.

Furniture Cleaner will remove Briwax waxes or oils from wood, if you want to re-apply stain to the wood. You can then re-finish the wood.

Use it to clean old and dirty wooden finishes, stubborn marks on Melteca and Formica kitchen tops and doors, or stains on vinyl floors.

Steel Wool

Available in three grades, this steel wool is manufactured to a very high specification to ensure a consistent degree of abrasion. Inferior steel wools can contain oil (to prevent them rusting), which affects the surface finish you're applying.

Grade 0000 This very fine grade steel wool is particularly recommended for applying wax polish to any surface. Using steel wool instead of a cloth will help you to apply a very thin coat of wax.

It's also used to sand down between coats of Teak Oil or Danish Oil. As well as acting as a very fine sandpaper, it ensures that there is a 'key' on the surface for the next coat to adhere better.

Try using it for cleaning and polishing bright metals.

Grade 0 This grade is used for stubborn dirt on woodwork and metal or for use after stripping paint to ensure a clean surface prior to finishing. Try it on barbeque grilles, but not chrome.

Grade 2 This coarse steel wool is used mainly for stripping paint, lacquers and varnish from woodwork as an aid to paint strippers.

Wax Sticks

(Using Briwax Wax Sticks) Soft sticks of durable coloured wax to repair scratches, cracks, and small holes on wooden and plastic surfaces. Apply after any stains or oils. For example, on wooden trim, windows, and doors use Danish Oil to protect the wood, and then cover up any nail holes with wax sticks of the correct colour. Mix together two different wax sticks for a better colour match Rustic Brown is a very good match for Rimu, perhaps matched with a darker colour.

Cut off a small part of the wax stick with the spatula or rub the stick straight over the hole like a crayon. Push the wax well into the hole warm it in your hands on a cold day. Use the flat end of the spatula to scrape off any excess. Wipe over with a rag. You can apply Briwax waxes to the whole area once you've filled the holes with the wax sticks.

Unlike hard synthetic wood fillers, the wax remains soft and allows the wood to move, so it doesn't crack and fall out.

Shellac Sanding Sealer

Shellac Sanding Sealer is a traditional shellac-based sealer that helps tighten up grain before sanding or applying oils or waxes. It stops oils, waxes, and polishes from penetrating deep into open-grained wood. It also prevents the acids in some woods (like Matai and Totara, or customwood) reacting with the subsequent finishes.

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