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About Briwax


Briwax has an impeccable heritage which dates back to 1860 when Henry Flack started manufacturing polishes and blending waxes in East London for cabinetmakers and woodcarvers. His business was acquired by the Bollom Group (then known as J. W. Bollom & Co.) in 1961 and since then the brand has gone from strength to strength in both the consumer and professional markets.

The Bollom Group has held a Royal Warrant for over 25 years. Originally in the name of company founder, Jack Bollom, it has been passed to his son and the current Chairman, Martin Bollom. Royal Warrants are accepted as a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services for at least five years to certain members of the Royal Family. They are reviewed every five years, have always been regarded as a mark of excellence and are highly prized.

All companies with a Royal Warrant are recognised as sharing a total commitment to the highest standards of service and quality.

Briwax products are distributed in New Zealand by Briwax Imports (NZ) Ltd.